About InfoSaaS

Data security and business compliance best practice.

In our ever evolving online world, it’s a constant challenge to identify, manage and mitigate complex risks to business data, assets, processes and resources. There is the additional requirement to comply with more stringent personal data protection legislation, and a need to stay in control of outsoured products and services.
That’s why InfoSaaS  is here to help.

The problem we solve

A secure, cloud-based solution for your information governance and business resilience requirements. Intuitive workflows help your colleagues to complete tasks efficiently and accurately, with clear reporting and dashboards to provide immediate visibility of your compliance levels.

Phishing attacks, complex malware risks, third-party supplier failures and an increase in data privacy concerns, amongst many others, provide a backdrop to the need for a comprehensive, proactive approach to governance, as the sensible alternative to waiting for bad things to happen.

Use our experience to increase protection for your business

Formalising a methodology developed over 20 years, InfoSaaS was formed in 2014. Our compliance experts have seen significant developments and challenges during their careers, and remain aware of the many shortcomings that modern organisations may be facing whilst trying to protect their businesses. Traditionally, protection has been delivered by designing and managing their own hardware and software solutions to ensure business resilience against risks, or to address data protection requirements, or perhaps reverting to old-fashioned spreadsheet-based approaches.
This approach leads to some inevitable challenges. Not only is it time consuming and labour intensive, but also commonly suffers from human errors or the inconsistencies of non-collaborative working with employees managing risks in isolation. As businesses grow and their activities become more complex, it is essential that the management of of compliance is centralised to become properly controlled. This allows management to maintain visibility across the organisation, and act swiftly to resolve any developing issues or challenges.
Developed from comprehensive knowledge and significant hands-on experience, InfoSaaS streamlines information security, data protection and business compliance processes across hundreds of organisations, globally. We protect government departments, multi-national corporations, charities and smaller SME organisations alike. Complimented by our helpful advisory services, a unique set of technology partners and an easy-to-use automated platform, we enable our customers to secure data and assets, assisting in their legislative and contractual compliance. Talk to InfoSaaS today, and your business will soon become more productive, proactively prepared and better equipped to deliver the highest levels of compliance.

Working in partnership

InfoSaaS is proud to be actively engaged with a selection of partners who share our knowledge and experience, and have a proven capability in delivering our services to their customers. We are pleased to help our partner community to evolve their business model to become scalable and sustainable. InfoSaaS is an affordable solution for their clients which is a great way to make their businesses more profitable.

All of our partners have a favourable commission model and unique referral code, meaning InfoSaaS can keep track of their referrals and associated commissions. Partners can quickly provide a comprehensive service with their own InfoSaaS portfolio, and with the end-customer’s permission provide prompt support remotely as well as conventional face-to-face meetings. We would be delighted to discuss more details with you.

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