About InfoSaaS

Stay ahead of information security management and compliance.

In an ever evolving cyber world, it’s challenging to manage and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities across business assets. Balancing the management of these risks is an ongoing process.

The problem we solve

Having a robust assessment methodology to manage information security and data protection risks is essential.

Especially given the combination of high-profile security breaches, increased data protection legislation and demand from customers to prove that their data is protected.

Our solution to properly secure your assets and data

Over the last 20 years, our compliance experts have seen heightened awareness. However there are many pitfalls organisations fall into. Customers try to procure, deploy and manage their own hardware and software solution, or use a spreadsheet based system.
This formulaic approach leads to problems. It’s time consuming, labour intensive and prone to human error. A spreadsheet may work on day one but take too much time and money as a business evolves. And, it’s the same every time - no matter the enterprise’s size.
Developed from deep sector knowledge, InfoSaaS streamlines the information security management and compliance process across hundreds of organisations, globally. Through advisory services, a unique set of technology partners and an easy-to-use automated platform, we enable you to secure your assets and data. Your business can become more productive, proactive and better equipped to adhere to governance, risk and data compliance rules and laws.

A partnership that rewards you

Our partner program will offer you the opportunity to change your business model to become scalable and sustainable. InfoSaaS is an affordable solution for your clients and is a great way to make your business profitable.

All of our partners have a commission model and unique referral code, meaning we can keep track of your referrals and commission. You will be able to earn real income and provide a comprehensive service with the InfoSaaS portfolio.

InfoSaaS also enables you to offer support remotely as well as in person.

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