Accelerate your Consultancy Business

Through strong relationships, we deliver a great experience for your clients.

As a management system or GRC consultant, you will always be seeking opportunities to grow your business and streamline the services you provide to your customers. Through the InfoSaaS partnership program, you can do both, and be rewarded with attractive recurring revenue and stronger support for your clients. We scale with you: incremental licensing options allows you to onboard new customers without assuming any financial risks.

We will provide you with the tools, training, support and extended network needed to succeed and expand your business. And in the process, you’ll be able to offer value added services to your clients, who will in turn benefit from increased levels of business compliance, reduced risks and greater efficiencies in operating their management systems.

We are currently seeking additional credible consultants within the USA, as we have a selection of new InfoSaaS customers looking for on-site and remote support within their region.


Accelerate your growth with InfoSaaS


Our program allows you to resell and support our InfoSaaS products and services directly to your customers within your information security, data protection and compliance portfolio. Our aim is to complement your existing business and accelerate your growth, and built mutually beneficial networks and connections.

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Simply fill in the form. We can either schedule in a chat to talk in more detail about your consulting partnership with us, or we can provide you with a referral code allowing you to get started.

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