ISO27001 & GPDR Document Templates

Customisable policies, procedures, forms and guides.

We have used our 20 years’ experience to pre-prepare set of policies and procedures which align with current best practice, saving you valuable time and resources in designing and implementing a clear and effective documentation framework within your organisation.

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ISO27001 Documentation Set

£299.00 ex VAT

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Set

£199.00 ex VAT

What's inside?

Information Security and Data Protection Material

ISO27001 and related information security standards specify a mandatory set of documents and records to ensure personnel understand and undertake activities securely. Similarly, data protection regulations such as GDPR require that personal data should be fully protected at all times. InfoSaaS has helped many organisations to understand seemingly complex business compliance requirements: with our assistance, you can build a framework of clear and concise documentation which will help to clearly communicate policy and procedural requirements to your colleagues. 
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    • 20 years’ experience in providing "audit ready" documentation
    • Simple to download, easy to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Acrobat files
    • Edit material to reflect the specific requirements of your organisation
    • Designed to help small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger corporates
    • Email support service for queries, issues and suggestions with prompt responses
    • Additionally, InfoSaaS solution users can manage and share all documentation centrally

    “At the end of the certification audit process, the auditor commented how effective our ISMS is. For me it is very satisfying to hear, from an external point of view, that we’re doing things right”.

    Linda Jeffery, Project Manager