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Helping you to track your journey to GDPR compliancy.

GDPReady is a GDPR software solutions platform offering an easy-to-use assessment framework.

Our tools are being used by organisations in a range of industries across the UK and Europe. This is to help them track their compliance against the different requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR took effect on the 25th of May this year. It’s essentially an adaption of the Data Protection Act with a number of updated procedures. The new comprehensive framework for the management and processing of all personal data will apply to the 28 countries within the European Union.

Even after Brexit, the UK will need to respect GDPR as it affects everyone who resides in Europe. 

  • Assesses whether all of GDPR’s requirements are being implemented within an organisation.
  • Progress can be updated at any time, useful for when incremental activities are completed or begun.
  • Calculates a percentage rating – a great way to show Senior Management and stakeholders the progress of your implementation project.
  • A transparent means of communicating your progress to customers.
  • Simple evaluation for the GDPR readiness of your own supply chain.
Total Compliance - GDPR Implementation
GDPR Compliance Deadline Date

Take action today with our GDPR compliance software

GDPR took effect on the 25th of May. There are many new and amended data protection requirements within GDPR, and organisations will benefit from having a clear progress tracker for the now and the future. Our GDPR readiness assessment tool will help you to ensure that each task is properly implemented and signed off.

Along with GDPReady, there will be roles for other members of staff  to complete. It is a team effort, you will require the participation of your legal, commercial, technical, HR and compliance colleagues. Having a central repository for progress is hugely beneficial for every single business that deals with private data.

GDPReady can be adopted by any organisation in any industry, including education, retailhealthcare, marketing, travel & tourism and more!

GDPReady provides a set of assessment questions, grouped into 26 different categories. Once completed, it provide:

  • Real-time visibility of your progress. This is displayed as a percentage of total compliance.
  • A breakdown of the tasks that you need to address.
  • An iterative approach allowing incremental progress to be recorded.
  • Encouragement for your staff to complete their GDPR tasks.
  • A convenient method of extracting a meaningful measurement for senior staff.
  • An approach for assessing the GDPR readiness levels of your supply chain.
GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool - GDPReady

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