GDPReady – your GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool

May 25th signalled the beginning of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now is the time to remain compliant as your business changes.

GDPReady is a GDPR readiness assessment tool that is helping organisations across the UK to track their compliance against the different requirements of GDPR. We wanted to create a simple assessment tool and tracking process to make the required changes in accordance to GDPR as simple as possible – this is what GDPReady and UtopiaR allowed us to do!

GDPReady will put together a GDPR readiness checklist for you to achieve GDPR compliance. This will be combining the requirements of GDPR and the processes of your business to ensure you’re storing and managing data correctly. GDPR is not something that is affecting just UK businesses, it’s a new data protection regulation which is affecting companies across the globe. Our GDPR assessment tool will ensure you meet the accountability, responsibility and data notifications of GDPR.

What GDPReady can do:

  • Complete an assessment on whether all the GDPR requirements are being implemented in your organisation.
  • Through regular assessments, it can provide a progress report at any time; ideal for when incremental activities are commenced and completed.
  • Calculates a percentage rating on your progress for being GDPR ready – which allows Senior Management and stakeholders to see your organisation’s progress.
  • Provides clear and transparent communication of your progress to customers and other interested parties.
  • A great tool to evaluate the GDPR readiness of your own supply chain.
Total Compliance - GDPR Implementation
GDPR Compliance Deadline Date

Remain GDPR compliant as your business evolves

GDPR took effect on the 25th of May 2018 and provides companies across the world with a comprehensive framework for the management and processing of all personal data within the 28 countries of the European Union.

Any business which deals with the private data of an individual in the EU must follow the GDPR guidelines. Even after Brexit, the UK’s Data Protection Bill will be closed and aligned to the requirements of GDPR.

Some would say that the DPA needed an update with the development in technology. Now there are new means of sharing and storing data; this is what GDPR is focussed around. There are many new regulations, but there are also many amended data protection requirements within GDPR. It will allow organisations to have a clear progress tracker to ensure that each regulation of GDPR is being properly implemented and signed off.

The process will require the involvement of your legal, commercial, technical, HR, and compliance colleagues. Having a central repository like GDPReady for progress is key!

GDPReady is ideal for any organisation in a range of industries, including education, retail, media, marketing and healthcare.

“GDPReady” works with a comprehensive set of assessment questions, grouped into 26 different categories. Once completed, it will provide:

  • Real-time visibility of your progress, with a percentage of your compliance.
  • A breakdown of the tasks your organisation needs to complete.
  • An iterative approach to help with easy tracking of work.
  • Encouragement for all personnel to complete their assigned GDPR tasks.
  • The ability to extract a meaningful measurement for senior management.
  • An easy way to assess the GDPR readiness levels of your supply chain.
GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool - GDPReady

Let's talk about our GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool and see how it can make your organisation GDPR ready!

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