Health & Safety Risk Management (HSRM)

A new approach to effective health and safety management

Working in conjunction with existing InfoSaaS customers, starting in August 2020 we will be offering a new Health and Safety Risk Management (HSRM) solution. With businesses and organisations under a legal obligation to perform written risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors and the general public, our comprehensive approach is both easy to use and simple to customise to reflect each customer’s specific needs.

For businesses who are seeking or already have ISO18001/ISO45001 certification, InfoSaaS HSRM is a cost-effective, secure and cloud-based solution for managing workplace risks. Whether it’s the creation and assignment of assessment actions or the setting of reminders to ensure nothing is overlooked, or the real-time risk register providing full visibility to senior management, now is the time for you to find out why InfoSaaS HSRM will mean the end of paper-based policy documents and assessment records for ever.


Your Legal (and Moral) Obligations

In the UK, all businesses with five or more employees need to undertake and document health and safety risk assessments, with similar requirements exist in most other countries. But with every business undertaking different activities in their own way, how is it possible for you to ensure that everything is covered? Using InfoSaaS HSRM provides a framework of activity templates, the most commonly identified risks to health and safety of personnel, and the controls which should be considered for addressing them.

Our framework of activity-specific templates provide you with an excellent starting point, which can be used as provided or easily customised to add or remove risks as required by each customer. The InfoSaaS HSRM solution provides a listing of hundreds of risks, and a framework of health and safety controls to help address them. Our real-time risk register keeps you informed, with accident reporting and a health and safety documentation repository to provide a one-stop solution.

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HSRM in Five Steps

The UK Health & Safety Executive requires organisations to undertake assessments or workplace risks, to determine that current activities are safe and to identify any new or changed risks which require prompt attention. Whilst many businesses try to manage these themselves, the benefits and assurance that comes from using InfoSaaS HSRM is worth assessing.

The HSE approach communicates five steps:

  1. 1. The identification of health and safety hazards
  2. 2. Determining who might be harmed by the hazards, and how
  3. 3. Evaluate the risks, and decide on precautionary measures
  4. 4. Record the significant findings, and
  5. 5. Review risk assessments and update as necessary

The Hierarchy of Hazard Controls

InfoSaaS HSRM supports the “Hierarchy of Controls” published by HSE, NIOSH and others, promoting safer systems of work with a significant reduction in the risks of personnel accidents, injuries or illness. Our risk assessments includes risks and controls which support the five areas:

Elimination: physically removing the hazard from the workplace. This might include stopping activities which have a high injury rate, or removing hazardous substances from operational processes.

Substitution: replacing hazards with ones that are safer or less likely to cause accidents or injuries. Examples might include changing the way high-rise buildings have their windows cleaned from external cradles to internally operated devices, or swapping a hazardous material for a safer alternative.

Engineering Controls: if the risk cannot be eliminated or substituted, design or implement controls to prevent accidents or injuries taking place. These might include the use of harnesses to prevent falling from heights or  guard screens to protect personnel from exposed moving components.

Administrative Controls: designing and implementing safety procedures to protect personnel. Examples include workforce training, the display of safety signage, monitoring and reacting to incidents, and the proactive conducting of risk assessments (using InfoSaaS HSRM).

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): only when the previous four approaches have been found to not be possible or not effective should consideration be given to the protection offered by PPE, for example the issue of safety footwear, hard hats, personal respiratory systems etc.

Some of our templates ...

Office Premises
Warehouse Premises
Construction Sites
Disabled Workers
Home Workers
Lone Workers
Pregnant Workers
Young Workers
Fork Lift Truck Drivers
Pandemic Control
and many more!

... which assess risks ...

Manual Handling Injuries
Fire Outbreak
First Aid Provision
Display Screen Equipment
Driving Operations
Electrical Equipment
Warehouse Equipment
Hazardous Substances
Vehicle & Plant Accidents
Fork Lift Truck Drivers
Mental Health Conditions
and many more!

... and record controls

H&S Policies and Procedures
Personnel Training
Management Supervision
Safety of Equipment
Specific Activity Assessments
Insurance Policies
Complying with H&S Law
Use of PPE
Authorised Activities
COSHH Controls
Mental Health Awareness
and many more!

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A Coordinated Approach

InfoSaaS HSRM provides:

– a real-time, informative management dashboard
– a health and safety risk register
– comprehensive workplace risk management workflows
– a library of risk management templates, threats and controls
– escalations for unacceptable levels of risk
– reporting and actions arising from workplace accidents
– a repository for health and safety documentation and records
– centralised storage of all personnel H&S training records
– asset management for the issue/return of all PPE/RPE assets
– and all included in one cost-effective subscription

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Providing Effective Health & Safety Training

It is essential that your personnel (and any dependent third-parties such as contractors) are properly trained on their responsibilities for complying with health and safety requirements. This will include understanding the organisation’s safety requirements, safe systems of work, usage of PPE, fire protection, first aid provision and much more.

They will also need to understand how to identify and report safety accidents and weaknesses. We would be pleased to explore a suitable health and safety training framework which delivers your organisation’s individual training and educational needs.

“The Bluemetrix team have found the InfoSaaS solution to be both comprehensive and easy to use: it has made a significant contribution to the maturity and robustness of our information security and data protection activities”.

Liam English, CEO

“The InfoSaaS platform has been enormously helpful as we work towards our ISO27001 certification goal. The structure, support and documentation available have allowed us to make quick progress now that we can easily track all of our assets, risks and actions.”

Chris Thompson, Managing Director

“At the end of the certification audit process, the auditor commented how effective our ISMS is. For me it is very satisfying to hear, from an external point of view, that we’re doing things right”.

Linda Jeffery, Project Manager

“If we weren’t using InfoSaaS, we would have had to use countless documents and spreadsheets – and that would have required far more effort!”

Paola Fulchignoni, Security Officer

“InfoSaaS provides an effective and integrated GRC solution, which makes a significant contribution to the information security posture of our clients. It has provided invaluable in guiding customers towards GDPR compliance, and we remain impressed by the new features which are added on a regular basis. Great work!”

Karen Godwin, Director

“It was clear that InfoSaaS was going to be the easiest to use … and was going to help us keep on top of everything properly.”

James Chillman, Managing Director

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“InfoSaaS provides established and credible solutions for delivering information security and data governance, proven time and again with successful certification results amongst our client portfolio. We have no hesitation in recommending InfoSaaS.”

Martin Law, Information Security Entrepreneur