Information Security Management System

Manage and protect your information in a single system.

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) will help your organisation to manage and protect its information and achieve/retain ISO27001 using a process to minimise and manage risk.

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InfoSaaS provides:

Project Planning

Implementing an Information Security Management System or achieving ISO27001 certification can appear to be a complex and daunting task.

InfoSaaS ensures the process is made easy, giving you clarity throughout the planning stages.

ISMS Documentation

InfoSaaS provides an extensive range of templated policies, procedures, forms and informational guides.

You can update these to reflect your specific needs.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral component of every ISMS – requiring you to identify, assess and treat vulnerabilities and threats.

InfoSaaS provides a cloud-based solution which effectively manages this requirement, supported by an InfoSaaS consultant (if required).

Supplier Management

Any third party supplier you work with to deliver specific activities outside of your usual business function should be fully assessed for their compliance.

These commitments should be contractually protected and formally reviewed on a regular basis.

Audit Services and Certification Support

Our InfoSaaS consultants have extensive experience in managing successful projects undertaken by the larger certification audit bodies.

Workshops can be arranged to help you prepare for external certification assessments.

Dashboard, Risk Register and Reviews

Traditional approaches to managing an ISMS have been manual, time consuming and rarely provide meaningful insights into the cyber health of an organisation to its senior management.

The use of our cloud-based solution for risk management efficiently manages these requirements, providing real-time management reviews and escalations of risk-related activities and other key ISMS activities.


An Information Security Management System will require evidence that your organisation’s personnel have received appropriate training on matters relating to information security, data protection and cyber threats.

Our Document Packs contain generic training material that you can easily customise to meet your organisation’s specific training needs.

Virtual CISO

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can provide strategic, compliance and operational leadership on information security matters to organisations that cannot afford a full-time resource.

CISOs can be expensive. An alternative for you is to use a Virtual CISO from InfoSaaS.

You can benefit from their time and experience on-demand and on a part-time basis.

“The InfoSaas platform has been enormously helpful as we work towards ISO27001 certification. The structure, support and documentation available have allowed us to make quick progress now that we can easily track all of our assets, risks and actions.”

Chris Thompson, Managing Director

“InfoSaaS provides established and credible solutions for delivering information security and data governance, proven time and again with successful certification results.”

Martin Law, Information Security Entrepreneur

“InfoSaaS provides an effective and integrated GRC solution, which makes a significant contribution to the information security posture of our clients.”

Karen Godwin, Director

“It was clear that InfoSaaS was going to be the easiest to use … and was going to help us keep on top of everything properly.”

James Chillman, Managing Director

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