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14th June 2020

The EU General Data Protection Regulation arrived in May 2018, bringing with it a significantly more complex framework for the protection of personal data that had been seen before.

This enhancement was long overdue: existing data protection legislation had not kept pace with the increasingly on-line and digital world that we have today, nor did it reflect the growing privacy concerns of individual data subjects with governments and large organisations sharing vast amounts of their valuable personal data on a very regular basis.

What GDPR means for businesses?

GDPR requires all organisations which process personal data to implement policies, procedures and controls which will allow it to fully comply with the various articles and recitals within the Regulation. As with information security considerations, there is a clear need to ensure that every employee fully understands the importance of protecting personal data, and their individual responsibilities within the processing activities they support.

Without clear guidance, the risks of a personal data breach increases significantly, and with GDPR’s penalties reaching €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover, these numbers will challenge the very survival of many businesses.

Compliance with GDPR is greatly assisted with clear direction via effective documentation. From a suitable data protection policy and records supporting personnel training and awareness, there are requirements to deliver clearly defined approaches to the expanded set of rights which data subjects have under GDPR, including access requests, data correction requests and data erasure requests, amongst others.

Each organisation also needs to:

  • Define how it will maintain constant awareness of personal data processing such that personal data breaches can be identified promptly.
  • The steps it will take to manage, control and report such breaches.

The task of creating an effective framework of data protection documentation may seem daunting and challenging. With clear guidance and direction this is not necessarily a burden that you need to shoulder yourself. There are many data protection consultants who will willingly make their services available to you, but this is likely to take longer than may be necessary and will attract costs which may not have been properly budgeted for.

GDPR Document Templates

InfoSaaS provides another way. With over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of successful information security and data protection projects (including preparing many organisations for the transition to GDPR between 2016 and 2018), our Data Protection Officers and consultants have significant experience in this complex area. This places InfoSaaS in a unique position to offer an effective GDPR documentation pack: our templated material is structured in a way which allows for easy customisation to meet a customer’s specific data protection needs and assists in the understanding of GDPR requirements. Material from our documentation pack has been implemented within organisations in many countries across Europe.

Producing good quality documentation is an essential activity, but it must also be remembered that employees and any third parties that are relied upon for the processing of personal data will need to receive regular training which includes awareness of policies and procedures, and how to apply them correctly to their daily activities. Alongside our GDPR documentation pack, InfoSaaS provides a comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) solution, where required by Article 35 of the Regulation. This guides organisations through the process of evaluating the risks to personal data, highlighting any identified issues, and producing a report which can be shared with interested parties.

The InfoSaaS Team are committed to supporting our valued customers with remaining compliant with data protection legislation, and our documentation packs provide a helpful head-start as well as being great value for money. Visit our website at for more information.

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