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31st July 2020

Integrated business compliance functions from InfoSaaS

The InfoSaaS Team are committed to the continual development of our solution, including the integration of new modules and workflows that help to improve the effectiveness and integrated nature of business compliance activities. We regularly seek comments and suggestions from our customers, so that we can plan our development road map in a consultative way which delivers immediate benefits. Next week we will introduce two new features to all existing InfoSaaS customers, with a further three significant modules following closely behind by the end of August.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to during the lockdown period:

  • Personnel & Training Management. The first of these new features is the ability to track all personnel within InfoSaaS, rather than just those involved with InfoSaaS activities. This opens up lots of additional functionality, the key one being the recording and tracking of training records which remains a key requirement for all management system standards. It also enable more focused reporting of asset issues and associated security incidents (see below) and better reporting in the planned internal audit module.
  • Individual Asset Management. Our information security management module has been focused on individual asset types until now – for example risk management of a specific hardware asset for each type of laptop computer being used – as opposed to accounting for each of the 100 identical laptops that have been purchased by the business. A new feature is being introduced to create multiple assets from a single “ISMS Asset” which then means individual assets can be issued and assigned to specific colleagues until they are formally returned. This granularity will also benefit security incidents affecting just a single asset (e.g. one laptop left on a bus) rather than linking to the “ISMS Asset” which would imply that they were all involved.

And coming in the next few weeks:

  • Objectives Tracker. A useful addition is a central repository to identify, record progress and track issues associated with objectives, as required by all common management system standards. Having a centralised record will help colleagues across the business to remain focused on working towards the organisation’s declared goals.
  • Internal Audit Management. Almost every internal auditor continued to manually records their activities, and painstakingly cross-reference to non-conformances, controls that have been assessed and other manual repositories. We’re changing the internal audit landscape, and are at an advanced stage of preparing an integrated function which will allow bi-directional referencing to so many parts of the InfoSaaS solution. As auditors ourselves, we’re very excited by this one!
  • InfoSaaS HSRM. A new health and safety risk management solution, aligned to the requirements of ISO45001. More information can be found here.

For those InfoSaaS fans who have been supporting our beta testing and challenging some of our logic along the way, we have been working from this high-level core function map, which helps users to quickly see the main interactions between the core functions. It’s included below – we hope that you will find it useful too – if you need a larger copy, please drop us a line.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact the InfoSaaS Team to hear the latest news.

Integrated business compliance functions from InfoSaaS
Above: overview of the integration of business compliance functions within the InfoSaaS solution
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