InfoSaaS Launches “Assure”: Cloud-Based Risk Assessment Solution

24th November 2014

London, UK – 24th November 2014

InfoSaaS Limited: The “Information Security as a Service” company has announced the launch of its new ISO27001 cloud-based risk assessment software InfoSaaS Assure.

It has been designed to enable customers to quickly, simply and cost effectively identify and manage their IT security risks, whilst also making a substantial contribution to their achievement and retention of ISO27001 certification, the international standard for information security.

A combination of high-profile security breaches, increasing data protection legislation and demand from customers to prove that their data is appropriately protected is driving many organisations to realise the need to properly secure their valuable data.

Based upon a proven methodology that has delivered many successful ISO27001 certifications, InfoSaaS enables its customers to identify assets and risk assess their vulnerabilities and threats, which enhances their capability to implement and manage appropriate security controls.

Removing the need for customers to procure, deploy and manage their own hardware and software solution, InfoSaaS is cloud-based which provides security, flexibility and cost effectiveness. This intuitive product is readily accessible from any device type, anywhere, anytime, offering a single pane of glass to view an organisation’s information security status.

John Godwin CEO InfoSaaS, said: “As organisations and individuals entrust more of their valuable information to IT systems, it is vital that data security is understood and properly managed. With new vulnerabilities and threats being reported on a daily basis, the development and operation of an Information Security Management System is one of the most important commitments an organisation can deliver to protect its business activities and its customers.”

Godwin continues: “Traditionally, achieving ISO27001 certification has been a challenge for many organisations, often due to the lengthy nature of the preparation and the common need to engage specialist resources. At InfoSaaS, we have commoditised many years of practical ISO27001 implementation experience into a user-friendly service, which has already helped a number of organisations to successfully realise their information security objectives.”

InfoSaaS is headquartered in the UK, whilst delivering options for an international service offering which allows customers to retain data within their operating territory.

About InfoSaaS:

InfoSaaS Assure is a collaborative solution assisting in the implementation and management of ISO 27001 systems. Using a proven methodology, which has delivered numerous successful certifications over the last 20 years, InfoSaaS Assure has been securely designed using open technologies to give maximum reliability, flexibility and scalability. Combined with our experience and passion for this important subject, InfoSaaS Assure is the perfect resource for helping our customers realise their information security objectives and ISO27001 certification goals.


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