InfoSaaS and Ezentria Announce Formal Partnership

23rd August 2016

Nashua, New Hampshire – 23rd August 2016

Ezentria, Inc., a leading information security services company specializing in ISO27001 strategic security program implementation and virtual CISO services, today announced its formal partnership with InfoSaaS Limited, provider of cloud-based IT risk management and data protection solutions, who will be joining Ezentria’s carefully selected ecosystem of validated solution providers supporting the requirements and maintenance of the ISO27001 information security standard. Many standards and frameworks have been developed over the years with the objective of helping organizations to securely manage their data by understanding and addressing risks, and of these the ISO27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard is the most widely adopted and used around the world.

Ezentria’s client base will readily benefit from InfoSaaS Assure‘s cloud-based solution which provides practical and intuitive ISO 27001 workflows and documentation sets suitable for all business types, sizes, and levels of competency. “InfoSaaS’s intelligent approach and unique information security management software strengthens their position as the market leader,” said Darrin Maggy, Managing Director, Ezentria. “We’re excited to leverage this forward-thinking information security management tool in combination with our already proven strategy to better enable, accommodate, and protect our customers and their critical assets. The security of the many information sources used by businesses and organizations is of the utmost importance to their success and ultimately their survival.”

InfoSaaS addresses many mandatory requirements of ISO 27001, including:

  • A clear dashboard, providing management visibility of the ISMS status and performance
  • Classification, ownership and management of information and supporting assets
  • Provision of an effective risk assessment and risk treatment methodology
  • Automated production of a Statement of Applicability
  • Process for identifying, recording and progressing security incidents
  • A framework for documentation and records management
  • Assisting in the definition of information security related roles and responsibilities

“We take pride in delivering best-in-class ISO 27001 information security management capabilities through our unique platform. As a result, it’s important that our Company strengthens our position through establishing partnerships with trusted and reputable information security consulting firms such as Ezentria,” said Andrew Beverley, CTO of InfoSaaS. “The rationale behind our creation of InfoSaaS is to provide the automation and conversion of our proven manual methodology to a cost-effective cloud solution, helping organizations to achieve and retain their ISO 27001 certification, delivering cost savings, and reducing the time and resources required to operate an effective information security management system.”

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About Ezentria:

Ezentria is a leading information security consulting firm specializing in ISO 27001 security program implementation, shared CISO services, risk management, and other distinctive regulatory compliance and information security services for businesses of all types, sizes, and levels of competency. Our proven standards-based approach empowers our clients to implement and maintain cost effective and comprehensive information security programs.

About InfoSaaS:

InfoSaaS provides collaborative solutions assisting in the implementation and management of information security and data protection systems. Using a proven methodology, which has delivered numerous successful certifications over the last 20 years, InfoSaaS Assure has been securely designed using open technologies to give maximum reliability, flexibility and scalability. Combined with our experience and passion for this important subject, InfoSaaS is the perfect resource for helping our customers realise their information security objectives and ISO27001 certification goals.


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