InfoSaaS Updates Popular UtopiaR Solution

8th July 2018

On the run up to the introduction of EU GDPR on 25th May, we are pleased to have supported many organisations across Europe who chose to use our Data Protection Impact Assessment solution “UtopiaR” to meet the requirements of Article 35 of the Regulation. Since then, we have been working behind the scenes to gather feedback from a sample of UtopiaR users to gain a better understanding of their individual needs, as well as fine-tuning our software to ensure that it addresses the requirements of the “DPIA Guidance” which was recently published by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as the Supervisory Authority for GDPR within the UK.

Existing customers will notice the new software in a day or so. This update will not affect any previously completed assessments which have been finalised, and these can be found by selecting an assessment from the main menu. The new changes will be applied to any new assessments taking place (for example, by clicking “Re-assess” against an existing activity) and supporting narrative has been incorporated to help you complete the new questions which were not in the previous versions. The UtopiaR manual has been updated too.

So what has changed?

  • Several additional fields when creating the data processing activity itself (prior to commencing a DPIA)
  • A re-structure of the validation statements in Section 1, to better qualify when a full DPIA should be undertaken
  • An additional data category in Section 2.1 which allows for a “unique identifier” which is not covered by any of the remaining categories
  • A re-structure of Section 2.4 to provide clarity and consistency of the geographic location of personal data processing
  • Minor wording changes to Section 4.2
  • Eight additional questions within Section 4.5.6 to help assess the suitability of a supporting Privacy Notice
  • An update to issues and observations, in line with the above, which may be reported when the DPIA is finalised

We hope that these new features will be of additional benefit to our valued UtopiaR customers, and reflects our ongoing commitment to keeping our services current and relevant. If you need any help, please contact our Support Analysts in the usual way.

Find out more about UtopiaR by visiting our website.