Introducing UtopiaR: Simplifying your GDPR Compliance

9th May 2016

London, UK – 8th May 2017

InfoSaaS Limited is pleased to announce the public launch of “UtopiaR“, its secure, cloud-based GDPR compliance solution.

With the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a little over a year away, far too many organisations have yet to start thinking about or preparing for this more demanding data protection framework which replaces the UK Data Protection Act. At the heart of GDPR is Article 35, which requires “Privacy by Design” for data processing activities. The most widely accepted method of demonstrating compliance is to conduct a “Privacy Impact Assessment” (also known as a Data Protection Impact Assessment within GDPR) – and that’s where UtopiaR can make a real difference.

Customers are taken on a progressive assessment of each data processing activity, helping them to evaluate the protection provided to valuable citizen personal data, and providing a clear and structured report that is suitable for sharing with data subjects and stakeholder. UtopiaR goes further: it undertakes a detailed analysis of the responses to highlight other potential areas of weakness in their GDPR preparations, allowing them to quickly and efficiently target their remedial work.

Andrew Beverley, CTO of InfoSaaS, said: “In an increasingly digital world, citizens are increasingly concerned with who has access to their personal data and for what purposes. More than ever before, they want to know where their data is and who can access it, and GDPR will provide them with greater transparency as well as a wider selection of data subject rights which they may choose to exercise”.

Beverley continues: “We designed UtopiaR to provide a capable Data Protection Impact Assessment framework for businesses, and help them prepare for GDPR’s arrival in May 2018. Following extensive pre-launch testing within several large, complex organisations, we’re satisfied that the visibility of data processing information to data subjects will make a significant contribution to gaining their trust and building better relationships. With GDPR backed by financial penalties of up to €20m for non-compliance, UtopiaR is an effective solution which already has significant pre-launch interest”.

Available to customers in a variety of subscription offers via the UtopiaR website, organisations can be up and running with their own UtopiaR privacy impact assessment library in a matter of minutes. The cloud-based software, which can be accessed from any internet-connected device, in easy to use, and supported by a clear and concise user manual.

UtopiaR also provides a GDPR documentation pack, containing a wide selection of quality policies, procedures, templates and information which further assists with meeting GDPR requirements.

About InfoSaaS Limited

Created and managed by a team of experienced and professional assurance and technical specialists, InfoSaaS has quickly become a leading provider of risk, compliance and data protection solutions to organisations around the world. From the smallest of SMEs to European Governments, its “InfoSaaS Assure” solution is regularly delivering successful certification and accreditation results – most commonly against the international standard for information security, ISO27001.

Always working closely with our valuled InfoSaaS customers, the Team soon realised the unique challenges that the change to data protection frameworks will present to organisations. In many cases, they simply did not understand the personal data which was involved within their processes, let alone the risks that it faced. UtopiaR was born out of a desire to make an existing manual assessment methodology more easily accessible to businesses and charities, helping them to progress towards GDPR compliance, as well as gaining the trust of data subjects.


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