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GDPR for Marketing – ensuring your compliance with GDPR

UtopiaR is helping marketing ethics, teams and firms become and stay GDPR compliant!

Our GDPR data protection impact assessment system, UtopiaR, is supporting businesses to stay GDPR compliant. As the data privacy regulation adapts and your business changes and expands, you will be expected to follow the regulations.

The new GDPR EU regulation took effect on the 25th of May. Many businesses have taken the steps to become compliant, and now it’s up to you to ensure that you’re in the best position to meet the guidelines.

It’s a non-negotiable regulation that companies must comply with, especially marketers!

Whether you’re a team of marketing experts or a marketing business that acquires, stores and manages people’s private data in the EU, you must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. You can easily do so with UtopiaR’s GDPR marketing checklist and audits.

UtopiaR’s Marketing Information Security Highlights

  • Obtain trust from employees and customers through our instinctive assessment tool.
  • A turnkey solution for Data Subjects Rights Management – can be embedded into your own website in minutes!
  • A simple and clear dashboard – easy to assess how you’re managing your compliance.
  • Management of precise and comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessments (Art.35) (also known as Privacy Impact Assessments).
  • Ensuring your business meets GDPR’s requirements for Privacy by Design and Default (Art.25) easily, and identify other potential non-compliant areas.
  • An affordable, cloud-based solution.
GDPR Compliance Deadline Date

Subjects Rights Requests – How will you manage them?

25th May 2018 marked the start of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that EU citizens have new rights to their data and the way in which you as a business are managing their private information.

All EU citizens now have the right to; be informed, access, rectification, deletion, restrict processing, data portability and to object to data being stored. You’re required to maintain comprehensive records of data processing activities (Art.30) to demonstrate your process for providing effective data protection of personal data.

UtopiaR extends beyond traditional thinking to highlight and report issues and observations which require remediation. These actions can then be completed in a timely manner and provide valuable protection for our customers and our customers’ customers.

All different types of subject rights requests can be logged into the tool and managed through a clear and visible process to ensure that no requests are lost and that they are fulfilled on time.

If you’re interested in incorporating UtopiaR, then sign up for a free trial today!

UtopiaR allows for the creation and management of accurate Privacy Impact Assessments, providing a record of:

  • The data processing activity overall.
  • The categories of personal data which are being processed and who in the company has access to it.
  • Where personal data is to be processed or stored.
  • Details of any third parties who may be involved in its processing.
  • Whether appropriate data protection training and awareness has been conducted.
  • Data flows of how the personal data moves through the various stages of the activity.
  • The assessment against data protection legislation.
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Article 25 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation requires”data protection by design and default” is delivered in the processing of personal data.

This isn’t new new. It’s best evidenced by the completion of a Data Protection Impact Assessment, which under Article 35 of GDPR, is required for all data processing activities. Especially for those “likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons”.

The conducting of effective Data Protection Impact Assessments, known as Privacy Impact Assessments, are at the heart of “Privacy by Design and Default”.

This activity has a number of distinct roles which are addressed by UtopiaR:

  • Understand and implement effective privacy controls in all data processing activities.
  • Identify and escalate data protection and privacy issues that may be identified during the course of an assessment.
  • Reduce the exposure, associated costs and legislative penalties from data protection and privacy risks.
  • Produce comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessments which can be provided to the Supervisory Authority upon request.
  • Provide an option for sharing transparency of how personal data is being processed with data subjects.
  • Support existing information security best practice for those who undertake risk management activities.


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